Advanced Complex Adaptive
Organizational Systems
BPM/Workflow Design

Mark Casey,, USA

A new theoretical model and software design based on recent CAOS (complex adaptive organization systems) science research has been developed, integrating business management, workflow optimization, and operational and scientific systems. With federated big data and supercomputer support, self-organizing dynamic software dynamically rebuilds and optimizes itself in real and near real time to integrate and optimize the hundreds of current simultaneous BPM, Workflow, Learning, and engineering/technology CAS systems that make up an organizational system. The new model and software design integrates existing software, informational, and process frameworks to encompass all the changing states within an organization. Longitudinal, temporal, and hierarchical process and workflow layers are auto-dynamically defined and modeled to produce optimal outcome and states using coordinated goal seeking strategies. Embedded 2D and 3D virtual reality interfaces based on natural human audio, video, and data interface patterns are ubiquitous throughout the design. Healthcare is one of the first target industries.

... a chapter from the book   "BPM Everywhere" (2015)

published by Future Strategies, Inc., in association with the WfMC